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7 Days a Week (No Restrictions):

Single Adult: $995.00+HST=$1124.35

Couple: $1595.00+HST=$1802.35

5 Days a Week (Monday-Friday):

Single: $895.00+HST=$1011.35

Couple: $1450.00+HST=$1638.50

7 Days a Week — After 1:00pm:

Single: $750.00+HST=$847.50

Couple: $1195.00+HST=$1350.35

Juniors 19 Years of Age and Under– 5 Days (Monday-Friday):

Single: $295.00+HST=$333.35

Intermediate 20-39 Years of Age– 7 Days:

Single: $595.00+HST=$672.35

Couple: $1025.00+HST=$1158.25

All Members Receive: 

  • 25% discount on all pro shop clothing

  • Discount on cart rental

  • Reciprocal Club Agreement (must be booked at Pro shop)

  • Special Guest Rate